Skeptical Bunny Does Not Approve Of Your Theory

You say potato. I say dirigible.

The Diversity Tightrope

“Communication practices are not uniform across academic disciplines but reflect different ways of constructing knowledge and engaging in teaching and learning. These practices are underpinned with power and authority which … Continue reading

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My Dialectic Brings All The Boys To The Yard

“A materialist feminist is interested in analyzing social conditions, such as the influence of race, sexual orientation, and class that work together to define women and men as categories and … Continue reading

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Wield the Words

“Advertisers, propagandists, and hustlers of all kinds like to have us respond rapidly and uncritically to their messages. They want us to act, without stopping to reflect deeply on the … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Ambles

I got into a mild debate with Richard (RPG Rhetor) today over this quote from Ian Bogost: “The rules do not merely create the experience of play–they also construct the … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Omissions

“What distinguishes Kondō, Hijikata, and certain other of their countrymen, friends and foes alike, and even including scoundrels such as Serizawa, from the unscrupulous club of murderous villains who have … Continue reading

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Wield the Words

“Rack your brains and rummage through your memories as hard as you can, you are unlikely to recall a child asking, ‘How can I tell if this is a bird … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Omissions

Admission: my favorite theological/critical hobby horse is the need to remember the lens through which we view things. All of us, mind, not just the subjects of study. The smirking … Continue reading

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Tilting at hashtags

Tilting at hashtags Language is like dancing with a group or a partner. The steps don’t have to be any certain way–evidenced by the many, many variations that exist–but everyone … Continue reading

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Vizzini Problems

“…in Japanese Frog-wife tales, the behaviour of the man leads to the couple’s irreparable separation (because of the man’s discover- ing the frog woman’s origin), while in Scottish Selkie-wife tales, … Continue reading

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Wield the Words

“Accounting is presented as both a necessary and impossible technology in this context.” Necessary & Impossible Technology is either the name of a science fiction novel or a description of … Continue reading

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